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Project for Pride in Living

Company Location

1035 East Franklin Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55404


Company Description

Project for Pride in Living is a Minneapolis Residential Home Bridge Loan specialist. This non-profit organization works to help low-income people become more empowered by teaching self-reliant integration. They work with low-income families and individuals to achieve self-sufficiency in housing, support services, education and employment training. In 2011, they worked with 13,731 low-income people, helping provide stable housing, economic advancement, youth achievement and family stability. They own/manage more than 1,014 housing units, have helped 6,277 people have received job training, 3,190 families accepted family stability services, 989 children benefits from enrichment and school programs, 1,595 volunteers helped contribute more than 82,372 hours of assistance, they only have a 9% administrative cost and they have been in business for 40 years.

Services Provided

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