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Fast Growing U.S. Boomtowns

Some cities are on a boom, with a steady growth increase that is attracting people from worldwide, including investors and businesses. As many municipalities can’t keep up with demand, there is a great need for commercial and residential infrastructures to help support this rapid growth. The fastest growing U.S. boomtowns include: Williston, North Dakota –…

Posted on: April 16th 9:49 am

Housing Market Rebound

The U.S. is slowly seeing the real estate market rebound, as housing prices become more stable and begin to bounce back. A combination of record-low mortgage rates and a steady housing market demand is gradually coaxing homebuyers from hiding. Some cities have even seen a return of housing market bidding wars, as people compete for…

Posted on: April 16th 9:49 am

Hard Money Lenders: The Art of Valuing Properties

As more and more people are turned down for traditional investment loans by banking institutions, due to political gridlock and advanced regulations, investors are turning to hard money lenders in times of need. Hard money lenders, such as Loan Funding Co., are a direct hard money lender that offers loans ranging from $50,000 up to…

Posted on: January 30th 5:23 pm

Private Lenders: Helping Bridge the Financial Gap

Prior to the housing bubble bursting, nearly anyone could get a home mortgage loan. However, post-burst the Federal Reserve is reporting that banks are no longer doling our loans hand over fist. While many potential borrowers cannot qualify for a loan due to low FICO credit scores or lack of funds required for necessary down…

Posted on: January 30th 5:22 pm

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Hard Money Lender

For real estate transactions and investment loans. Working with a variety of lenders, borrowers, brokers, real estate professionals, appraisers, accountants, attorneys and industry experts, their group of experienced specialists strives to help people with private money lending during this downturned economy. What are the top five reasons to consider using hard money lending in today’s…

Posted on: January 30th 5:22 pm

Hard Money Loans: Required Documents

By definition a hard money loan is a short-term bridge loan that is essentially a last resort loan. This means that most traditional banks will not finance a piece of real property, albeit it a residence, raw land, commercial building or apartment complex. Hard money loans require the property serve as collateral to the loan,…

Posted on: January 30th 5:21 pm

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