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Home Prices Anticipated to Increase at Record Setting Pace

With the first half of 2013 seeing home values increasing as much as 10-percent, experts note that this increase is on pace to be the fastest growing improvement since 1977.

In May 2013, real estate sales showed an increase of 11.9-percent from June 2012. This latest increase marks the 16th consecutive month where home values have increased.

When distressed home sales are eliminated from the aforementioned figures, the annual increase was 11-percent. These distressed sales include both short sale and bank-owned properties.

Despite recent real estate property gains, home prices are still 19-percent below the peak values of 2006. When distressed sales are eliminated from this figure, home prices have decreased by 14-percent during the same period.

North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Alaska, Texas, Colorado, Washington D.C. and Wyoming have returned to pre-April 2006 values. Reports highlight real estate peak-to-current value declines at nearly 50-percent over the national average. States that are still suffering significant real estate setbacks include Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Florida and Rhode Island.

The states that report the highest home value appreciations include Nevada, Georgia, California, Wyoming and Arizona. The only two states that reported decreasing prices this summer include Mississippi that reported -2.1-percent and Delaware with -1.1-percent. Reports concluded there were no U.S. states where home values, excluding distressed sales, were down.

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