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Sterling Investor Services, LLC

Company Location

2413 Potomac

Houston, TX 77057


Company Description

Sterling Investor Services, LLC is a Houston, Texas Hard Money Lender. They offer commercial loans from $50K to $400K, stated income is required and a 600 FICO Score. For a 680 or more FICO score, they offer $50K to $10 million in funds. They offer 65% LTV, 20-year amortizations with seven-year balloons. Their Hard Money Loans are available for purchases or refinances, offer 65% ARV and minimum loan amounts of $80K.

Their website highlights information for investors, a property tax blog, information for realtors, information for lenders and loan officers, how to get qualified, using a 401(k) for a down payment, buy down options, buyer don’ts, the loan process, HUD booklets, living trusts, tax closing costs and bankruptcy information.

Services Provided

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