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San Diego Funding

Company Location

2468 Historic Decatur Rd #160

San Diego, CA 92106


Company Description

San Diego Funding is a San Diego, California Direct Lender. Their website offers a detailed company directory, directions, privacy policies, mortgage checklists and printable forms.

To apply for a loan they require a social security number, current pay stubs, two year’s W-2’s, two years tax returns, bank statements for two months, investment statements for two months, retirement statements for two months, make and model of vehicles and current resale value, credit card information, auto loan information, personal loan information, mortgage account history, home insurance information and home equity account information. They offer the following forms online: Uniform Residential Loan Application, Appraisal Disclosure, Borrower’s Certification and Authorization, Consumer Handbook on Adjustable Rate Mortgages, Credit Report Authorization and Release, Disclosure Notices, The Federal Equal Credit Opportunity Act, the Housing Financial Discrimination Act of 1977 Fair Lending Notice and the Truth in Lending Disclosure Statement.

Services Provided

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