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Retriever Merchant Services

Company Location

4550 Kearny Villa Road #222

San Diego, CA 92123


4550 Kearny Villa Road #222

San Diego, CA 92123

Company Description

Retriever Merchant Services is a San Diego, California Merchant Cash Advance company. They work with the following types of businesses: retail, restaurant, professional services, phone, mail, manual orders, mobile/wireless, medical, online, eCommerce, hotels, lodging and petroleum. Their services include credit card processing, face-to-face payments, manually-entered payments, check and ACH processing, check card/check machines, all necessary equipment, standard dial-up services, terminals, IP terminals, mobile/wireless, terminals, check imagers and readers, POS systems and integration, software, eCommerce websites and gift cards.

Merchant Cash Advance funds can be used to purchase inventory, seasonal merchandise, remodel, purchase equipment, repair equipment, pay off debt, pay off taxes, expansion fees and emergency funding.

Services Provided

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