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MFG Capital Group

Company Location

2633 South Lapeer Rd. Suite E

Orion, MI 48360


Company Description

MFG Capital Group is an Orion, Mississippi Bridge Loan and Commercial Property Loan specialist. They offer bridge loans as short-term loans for quick-sale collateral. Designed as an interim solution to long-term financing, they are excellent for businesses waiting for one real estate property close before purchasing another. They also provide Jumbo Loan Restructure Programs, helping reduce interest rates and allowing homeowners to find a conforming loan instead of a higher rate non-conforming loan.

The entire process is simple and requires an appraisal, pre-qualification, loan purchase negotiations with the bank, accepted offers, exit financing, closing on the note transaction with a new bridge loan restructuring and closing the bridge loan within five days to one year from the date of sale.

Services Provided

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