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23335 N 18TH DRIVE SUITE 120


602 413-3930

Company Description

Level 4 Funding LLC is a Phoenix, Arizona Hard Money Lender. They offer private funding within 24-hours, 70% estimated resale value on flip projects, first position only loans, interest only payments, no appraisals, 18% per annum interest rates, 90 to 180 day notes, no closing costs, no points, no fees, no application fees, no pre-payment penalties, required home insurance with beneficiary to level 4 funding and title insurance, though this is not necessary if the property is purchased in a trustee sale. Level 4 funding is for private lenders and involves notes that are $50K and greater, 8% return for six-month investments, 10% return for one-year investments and 12% returns for two to five-year investments.

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