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Fix Funding

Company Location

14901 Quorum Drive Suite 900

Dallas, TX 75254


Company Description

FixFunding is located in Dallas, TX and they strive to provide the market a short-term financing tool that helps borrowers make acquisitions or convert equity to cash when speed is critical. For Banks and Builders they can help you make quick adjustments to your balance sheet by buying assets outright or executing purchases with a buyback right or a profit participation that allows you to continue to participate in any upside in the asset.

FixFunding is a private lender/investment company based in Dallas, Texas. Their principals have combined experience of over 75 years in the real estate business in roles including investor, borrower, lender, property manager, buyer, seller, portfolio manager, loan seller and loan buyer. Fix Funding is a hard money lender that buys pools of REO, non-performing loans, and performing loans. FixFunding now offers conventional financing as well as SBA loans.

Services Provided

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