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First Republic Investment Corp

Company Location

P.O. Box 418

Montague, TX 76251


Company Description

“First Republic Investment Corp. is a Montague, Texas hard money lender that specializes in purchasing investments, including those with cash flows, mortgages, real estate notes, sales, leasebacks and contracts for deeds. As a real estate investor, they look for both short- and long-term solutions, including buying land and houses, notes and settlements, mineral rights, gas and oil royalties and loaning hard money to real estate investors.

First Republic Investment Corp. also sells real estate investments in Montague County and the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. Their loan terms require 10-percent down payments, collateral (real estate, vehicles, equipment, royalties and mineral rights) and a full credit report. Their website also features a number of testimonials from satisfied customers.

Services Provided

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