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3767 Forest Lane 124

Dallas, TX 75244


3767 Forest Lane 124

Dallas, TX 75244


Company Description

Financial One Capital is a national boutique fractionalized Private Money Lender located in Dallas, TX specializing in Commercial and Investor Residential mortgage lending since 1989. In addition to the “Private Money Lending”, Financial One Capital has arranged the traditional CMBS, FNMA, FHA, SBA and Bank loans thru seasoned business relationships saving customers time and money.

Private Money or a “Hard Money Loan” is a type of non-bankable loan. Usually this means a loan where the hard money lender can approve the loan request based upon the value of the assets & the equity in the assets, without the need for the usual time consuming documentation & verification a more traditional lender might require. Private money loans at Financial One Capital can fund quickly & are based upon the value of the real estate or collateral anchoring the loan without regard to the borrower’s income employment, assets, credit scores or tax returns.

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