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Dusek Network, Inc

Company Location

4505 Old Orchard Trail

Orchard Lake, MI 48324


Company Description

“Dusek Network, Inc. is an Orchard Lake, Michigan recruiting and placement agency. They have relationships with 250 associates across the U.S., helping provide recruiting services for companies such as ITT Automotive, Harvard Industries and Laboratory Accreditation Bureau. Candidates are in complete control of their futures and careers. Dusek Network simply takes desired job search parameters and uses their contacts in the industry to look for a job match. At no cost to candidates, employers pay the job placement fees.

As a professional recruiter they present the top two or three candidates to companies, ensuring candidates are well qualified and a match for the available position. The experts at Dusek Network, Inc. offer detailed analysis, job matching specialization, cutting-edge job searches and proprietary recruitment management software. Additionally, they help Michigan hard money lenders find expert professionals. ”

Services Provided

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