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Dalin Financial LLC

Company Location

1033 B Millcreek Drive

Feasterville, PA 19053


Company Description

“Dalin Financial, LLC is a Feasterville, Pennsylvania hard money lender. As real estate experts, they understand the importance of purchasing real estate at the right price, finding reliable financing and how to property implement redevelopment execution.

Their loan program includes a standard interest rate of 16-percent, six-point fees, a rehab and construction fund reserve, a minimum of three-month interest payments in an interest reserve, loan terms from six to twelve months, no pre-payment penalties and monthly interest-only payments. As a direct lender they offer renovation capital, prompt disbursements, fast closings and a value-added reliable service. Their real estate investor guidelines require a minimum 650 FICO score and a personal guarantee. Their investment property guidelines include first mortgages only, loans up to 70-percent ARF, minimum 10-percent deposit, a detailed rehab budget and are designed strictly for non-owner occupied investment properties only. ”

Services Provided

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