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Brad Loans

Company Location

7522 East McDonald Drive

Scottsdale, AZ 85250


Company Description

Brad Loans is a Scottsdale, Arizona hard money lender. They offer loans with down payments as low as 20%, refinances at up to 70% of appraised value, 100% financing with a collateral property that is owned free and clear, low loan coasts and origination fees, 12-year fully amortized loans, 12.99% interest with an 8-point origination fee, 14.99% interest with a 6-point origination fee, 16.99% interest with a 4-point origination fee, 7-year balloons with 20-year amortization, investor interest only loans and special financing for unique projects.

Their loan application is available online and they offer an easy pre-approval process. They accept borrowers with low credit scores, no credit, bad credit, foreclosures, short-sales, bankruptcies, credit issues, non-citizen and ITIN numbers.

Services Provided

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