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Ways to Keep Your Property Water Damage Free This Spring

Spring is well known as the rainy season in many parts of the country. If you are counting on those warm months to start renovations on a residential or commercial property, you’ll want to make sure that you keep your investment free from any further damage that could be very costly.

See below for some great tips on how to weatherproof your property, and the best way to fund these small but valuable updates.

The first thing to do is secure the funds to waterproof. If you have a large property, a commercial construction loan may be what you need to make the necessary changes, or for a smaller residential property, a bridge loan is probably sufficient to get the updates made. Both of these funds can be acquired quickly and securely through a hard money lender. The best part is that it’s not based on your credit, but the property’s potential value, and once the sale is made, you can be done with the loan paid in full.

Start at the top or the bottom. The two main parts of a building where water can do the most damage are the roofing or the basement. If your property has a basement, you’ll want to make sure the walls have been waterproofed adequately with a good coat of water secure paint so as not to have it leaking in through the soil all around. You may also have to consider having a professional come in with a special injecting tool to take care of what’s called “rising damp” which is water that is slowing trying to find a way out through evaporation.

For a roof, make sure all shingles or tiles are secure and not broken. Inspect the roof closely on your next nice weather week, and fix broken or wind-damaged tiles and shingles as quickly as possible. Also be sure to keep the gutters on the property free of debris, and functioning as well as possible. Gutters are designed to bring rainwater away from your property, and you’ll want to make sure they can do their job properly.

Check all of your appliances that could potentially cause damage on the inside of your home. Broken refrigerators that don’t drain properly, particularly those with ice making machines or water dispensers that require a water line hook up can be particularly costly if they start leaking when you are not home. The same can be said for dishwashers and laundry machine. These will likely have a drain system that leads to the outside underneath your property, so to avoid water damage on your lawn, make sure the drain is leading away from the house, and not blocked by tree roots or other debris.


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