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Top Places in America to Live

Every year “Money” releases their top list of best small towns and cities in America. This year the list includes the following top 10:

  • Carmel, Indiana – This quiet town has transformed into one that focuses on combining play and work. Offering easy commute times, their business district features the second highest concentration of office work-related jobs in the state. Carmel also boasts an unemployment rate that is half that of the national average. They offer a recreation center, excellent schools, a sports venue and a performing arts center. With new subdivisions, this city is extremely appealing for families.
  • McKinney, Texas – At more than 150 years old, this town features art galleries, historic cotton mills and the latest trendy boutiques. Offering an abundance of local housing, ranging from Victorian homes to Texas-style ramblers, this city has low taxes and numerous white-color jobs. McKinney is located on the outskirts of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolis.
  • Eden Prairie, Minnesota – With excellent employment prospects and an educated workforce, this city has maintained a 2-percent budget surplus. With good jobs, this city is a draw for many families.
  • Newton, Massachusetts – Featuring 13 different areas that each has their own elementary school, Newton focuses on youth education. Located near MIT and Boston College, the housing prices in this area are slightly higher than the national average, but families say the excellent education benefits far outweigh the costs.
  • Redmond, Washington – Home to Microsoft’s headquarters, this city is located only 15 miles east of the Cascade Mountain range. With a central location to 90 wineries, Redmond offers historic buildings, giant evergreens, brewpubs, public art projects, shopping and excellent schools.
  • Irvine, California – With surf, sun and sand, this city offers 20,000 pristine acres of parks and more than 44 miles of biking trails. Located 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean, Irvine’s median home value is higher than the national average, but the developments here offer extreme comfort and newer schools.
  • Reston, Virginia – This planned community appears anything but planned. Forgoing all signs of cookie-cutter-style homes, this area offers 15 swimming pools, 55 miles of biking trails and 52 tennis courts. Additionally, it is only a short commute to Washington D.C.
  • Columbia/Ellicott City, Maryland – A combination of two cities, Ellicott City offers a historic downtown and Columbia features a planned out community. Families flock to these cities, citing the top reasons for living here include schools and forestlands.
  • Overland Park, Kansas – This city offers a charming downtown area, farmer’s markets, soccer fields, a 300-acre arboretum and even a 20th century farm. Kansas City is located nearby, which makes this a convenient commuting location.
  • Chapel Hill, North Carolina – This charming city is home to the largest concentration of Ph.D.s per capita in the U.S. With arching trees and rainforests this city is often referred to as a “town within a park.”

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