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Tips on Keeping Your Construction Project on Time

If you are planning a major, even minor construction project this season, any good contractor will tell you how important it is to try and keep on schedule. Not only will investors be expecting results when promised, but it works in your favor for time and money to keep your projects on time.

Before you even begin construction, see below for these great ideas on how to keep your work on schedule, and everyone involved happy about it.

Secure your finances. A traditional loan can take several months to secure, and require mountains of paperwork in the process, plus an excellent credit score for the best rates. Instead of dealing with the hassle of a bank, another great option is to use a hard money lender to secure a commercial building loan or a real estate development loan. They take into account the property value, not the value of the borrower. This means less paperwork, less time and less hassle.

Review your plans. And then review them again. Knowing the construction plans like the back of your hand is crucial to keeping your work on schedule. Plan for everything, even those things not building related, such as break space for workers, or bathroom areas. Taking care of your workers will keep them happy and efficient. Be sure to go over plans with each specific tradespeople, so that you can discuss any confusion before you even begin.

Make sure you can get all of your supplies. Nothing will stop a project faster than running out of materials. Speak with all of your suppliers beforehand to make sure they can handle the amount and type of materials you will need, and ask them to order well in advance those items that they don’t keep in stock. Offer them exclusivity if they can quickly handle your needs, and be sure to check in frequently to make sure your supply needs are addressed.

Have a backup plan. Contingency plans are a must if you want to keep things on schedule. There are always going to be things that come up to wreck your original plan, whether it’s a string of heavy rainy days or the wrong materials shipped by accident. Be adaptable, and plan accordingly knowing these things may happen. If you have back up plans for most project delays, you’ll find the delays are not as bad as initially thought, and maybe complete other projects sooner than expected.

Be present. As important as it is to delegate tasks and trust those you work with, if you want your project to go smoothly, it’s important to be as present as possible. Clear some space each week to come by and check on the project, and be available for short phone calls or decision approvals. The harder you are to reach, the harder it will be for your workers to get things done the way you want them, and you may find that your contractors are taking matters into their own hands when you are not available enough to clear things through.

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