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Tips for Selling a Home

If a seller is looking to bypass the median length of time on market before his/her home sells, then the following marketing tips and techniques should be implemented.

  • Curb Appeal – The value of this important marketing aspect is often overlooked. However, many potential buyers find a house online they are interested in and do a quick drive by. If that drive by highlights a worn down house with a poor exterior, most buyers will continue on their merry ways, never seeing the inside of the home. If a seller wants to effectively sell his/her home within a reasonable period of time (the average is 71 days on the market), he/she should consider sprucing up the exterior with a fresh coat of paint, a new layer of mulch and some blooming flowers. These simple techniques can easily make a home look fantastic and welcomes buyers to take a second look. 
  • Repairs – A pitfall for most sellers is not making any necessary repairs prior to listing the home for sale. Instead of waiting for repairs to be fixed when an offer is at stake, these items should be addressed beforehand. This includes leaky toilets or faucets, smelly septic systems, clogged gutters or a moss-laden roof. If the home looks well taken care of, buyers are more apt to want to purchase the home.
  • Staging – This is the art dedicated to preparing a house for the ultimate saleable condition. Staging involves depersonalizing, decluttering and deeply cleaning a home. Furniture should be arranged to help make the home appear large and extremely functional. Statistics show that approximately 95-percent of staged homes sell within 23 days! Sellers should pack up family photos, touch up scuffs with paint and turn kid’s areas into functional rooms, such as sitting rooms or movie rooms.
  • Pricing – This is a critical key component to selling a home quickly. If the home is overpriced initially, it will eventually become shop worn. To industry professionals this means that the ultimate time to sell a home is when it first goes on the market, not months later. Sellers need to be realistic about the initial offering price. A home should be listed at slightly less than other comparable neighborhood properties. If the home features more upgrades than other listed homes, consider selling these upgrades as a bonus.
  • Spread the Word – This is where hiring a real estate agent can be an extremely effective marketing tool. Real estate agents have access to local multiple listing services, allowing statewide marketing to potential buyers. Additionally, real estate agents can use social media outlets and open houses to garnish potential buyers’ attention.

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