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Five Reasons Why Spring is the Hottest Time in Real Estate

Every Realtor® will tell you that Spring is the undefeated champion when it comes to best seasons to sell your home. So why is this particular time of year so appealing to homebuyers and sellers? Some of the reasons may be obvious, but others may be more surprising. See below for the five best reasons…

Posted on: March 6th 12:06 pm

How To Winterize Your Investment Properties

Even if you took advantage of the slower market times to buy a hot property for less, it’s still likely not possible to sell it until the snow is off of the ground and the busy spring real estate season starts up. If you can’t get any work done on your properties in the meantime,…

Posted on: February 19th 11:52 am

How to Prepare Your Market for the Busy Spring Season

Though it may still be chilly outside and the ground has yet to thaw, spring is really just around the corner. It’s well known that the spring season is the best time for sellers as well as buyers to invest in a new property, so if you are on the selling end, it’s important to…

Posted on: February 5th 12:49 pm

The Ins and Outs of Commercial Bridge Loans

When investing in commercial real estate, there are many factors to consider. Location, purpose, rehabilitation and timing are just some of the decisions that investors have to make daily when looking for a great commercial property. When looking at a hot property, you may need to act quickly, which is where hard money lenders can…

Posted on: January 22nd 12:39 pm

Commercial Real Estate Trends of 2018

The new year is the best time for new predictions when it comes to the ever-changing world of real estate investments. If you are looking to start investing in commercial real estate, this may be the year to do it. While nothing is ever a guarantee, these insights into the upcoming trends are a good…

Posted on: January 6th 12:19 pm

Why Winter Is the Best Time for Real Estate Investment

When looking for real estate, it’s well known that spring and summer are the busiest times of year for most buyers and sellers. The warmer weather makes for an ideal time for people to spruce up their properties, and with school out, it’s a great time for families to move. However, the winter months are…

Posted on: December 20th 1:51 pm

How a Hard Money Loan Can Save You Some Holiday Cash

While traditionally an ideal time to buy properties is in the warmer months, there is more than one advantage to doing your investment property hunting during the holidays. However, if you are strapped for cash as most people are during the winter months, you may think it’s not the best time to secure financing. If…

Posted on: December 6th 11:40 am

How Real Estate Investment Helps Your Community

Over time, cities with even the most sturdy buildings can have their most treasured dwellings fall into disrepair. Newer buildings seem to be popping up everywhere, but what happens to these timeless classics is left up to the city or an investor. How are these precious pieces of real estate saved? By commercial investors that…

Posted on: November 22nd 1:41 pm

How Real Estate Can Make You Money

Everyone likes to have a little extra cash here and there, but what if you could make a career out of buying and selling properties with ease? Experts agree that real estate investments are one of the best ways to make money, and there are several ways you can make it work to your advantage….

Posted on: November 8th 12:25 am

Documents to Gather When Applying for Mortgage

The prospect of a new home, particularly your first home, is always very exciting. Going from renters to homeowners can be an overwhelming process, and you may not know where to even begin proving yourself as a person worthy of a mortgage loan. So you’ve found the perfect home, and have a good idea of…

Posted on: October 19th 11:04 am

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