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Increasing the Value of Commercial Property for Resale Opportunities

There are several ways to increase a commercial property’s value before reselling it.

• Lighting – Lighting can make or break a space. Bright lighting makes spaces appear oversize and clean. View the lighting in each room, during the day, evening and even twilight hours. Make sure it shows the office’s true potential. The fixtures, placement and the type of lighting that is used, heavily influence the appearance of a room. Always keep the blinds and curtains open. Windows how to maintain a clean, streamline energy. Floor and standing lamps can help provide a temporary lighting solution, while keeping electricity costs low. Lampshades also focus the light downward, allowing light to flow at all angles.

• Canvas – A building is a blank canvas. The first step to showing buyers this clean canvas, is to remove all items that are personalized. This allows buyers to imagine the space as their own. Always clean the space thoroughly, including the carpets, windows and fixtures.

• DIY – Minor fixes speak volumes. Small repair investments always pay for themselves. Consider repainting rooms, being savvy about minor fixes, deal with pest issues and addressing all major fixes.

• Structurally Sound – Before listing a commercial property makes sure, the property is structurally sound, there are no water leaks and nothing serious is wrong with the building. These small issues can become significant, especially with an inspection report.

• Eco-Friendly – Carbon appeal, energy water efficiencies, etc., can affect whether a buyer purchases a commercial property. Most green-friendly companies prefer water-saving plumbing fixtures, wall and loft insulation and tankless hot water heaters.

Commercial real estate jumped 36-percent during the first half of 2015. A combination of low interest rates and cash pumped into local economies have made commercial estate very attractive compared to other assets and bonds.

Fortunately, hard money loans offer convenient commercial building loans and commercial construction loans nationwide. This is ideal for today’s hot market, especially when commercial properties need fast renovations or repairs. These loans are faster to receive, which make them easier to obtain and quicker for landlords to make repairs and get properties on the market.


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