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How to Prepare Your Market for the Busy Spring Season

Though it may still be chilly outside and the ground has yet to thaw, spring is really just around the corner. It’s well known that the spring season is the best time for sellers as well as buyers to invest in a new property, so if you are on the selling end, it’s important to prepare your market before you no longer have time.

There are certain steps you can take to ensure that you have a great busy season, but it takes some forethought during these slower real estate market months while the snow is still on the ground. See below for some great ideas on how to make sure this sales season is your best yet.

Prepare your existing client list. If you have strong leads that you know will be looking to invest in the spring, contact them now. Sending out a winter newsletter, or even a small personal gift to let them know you haven’t forgotten them while also letting know you are willing to lend your assistance in their search in any way you can. By staying fresh in their minds, you will be the first person they go to when they are ready to buy or sell.

Hold an educational meeting. So many clients are looking to buy or sell a home, but don’t know the first place to start. By advertising a free-to-the-public seminar on the upcoming season and steps on how to buy or sell a home, you can educate your clients on their options. For example, you may have several people who could benefit from a course of financing options, such as a hard money lender as opposed to a traditional mortgage. A bridge loan may be just the thing they need to finance them between the selling of their home, and renovating a new one. Encourage local lenders, including hard money lenders, to attend and be guest speakers at this educational seminar.

Consider where you are advertising. It’s not enough these days to use major home searching sites, or have fliers or billboards with your face and name plastered on them. Social media has become the forefront of advertising business because of it’s massive reach, accessibility and it’s easy to see format. Creating advertising for social media using a marketing company that specializes in these types of posts can help followers of your business do the work for you. Encourage likes and shares by using promotions, giveaways and engaging content that educates on what your business can do for your customers.

Prepare your buyers for a “hot market.” Sometimes the difference between getting a home or coming in second or third is just a matter of preparation. Some markets are going to be more valuable than others, and houses will go fast. Preparing your clients and investors to have pre-approvals and paperwork on hand, along with a set budget, can make them first in line when many others also love the house they love.


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