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Five Things to Be Grateful For in Your Next Home

When looking for a new home, there’s more to consider than paint colors on the walls or backsplash tiles. The most important things to look for a new home are going to be the features that make your new home more efficient, stronger and also beautiful.

Fortunately, with advances in building materials and style, simple upgrades to a home can help to keep your home in tip-top shape and assist you in saving money over the long run. So after you’ve secured your hard money loan or bridge loan financing, and contacted your real estate agent, check out this list of must-have home features.

Fiber-cement siding. Stronger than aluminum and less prone to cracking and warping like vinyl siding, fiber-cement siding is the newest way to reinforce your home from the elements. It won’t dent from the hail or fade in the sun and can withstand the test of time. Look for smart home sellers who have chosen this investment, or consider adding it yourself when you move in.

A civilized outdoor space. Whether it’s a spacious patio or a large attached deck or porch, having a space to entertain in the outdoors will always be a great addition to a home. Having an area to set up chairs, a fire pit or a gorgeous grill makes it seem like a seamless transition from the inside to the outside and provides a great way to enjoy nature without having to sit amongst it.

Energy-efficient windows. It’s astounding how much of the cold or heat can seep in through the windows, which can drive up your heating and cooling bills year round depending on your climate. Choosing a home with newly-installed energy efficient windows can keep your home toasty in the winter, and keep the cool air in during the summer months, which means less money spent running the heater and air conditioner.

A moisture-proofed basement. Basements are very common in many areas of the country and can be a great place for storage of larger items, or even be finished into a living area, rental space or playroom for the kids. However, nothing will keep people out faster than the ever-present damp smell that comes with water seeping through a basement wall. Look around carefully when inspecting these multi-purpose spaces, and make sure you look for any water damage or mold that may be growing in darker corners.

Non-carpeted floors. Although hardwood is always going to be the most resilient, it’s also not always a home upgrade that sellers can afford to make. Laminate, tile or ceramic flooring can be just as beautiful without coming with the fancy price tag attached to the upgrade. Carpet can hold everything from pet hair to dust mites and odors, so choosing a hard floor in your new home can making cleaning a snap.

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