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Five Renovations to Tackle in the Warm Months

Don’t let the cold weather blues trick you into doing renovations during the winter. Although summer temperatures can rise quickly, there are definitely improvement projects that are best left for those warmer months to get finished well and efficiently.

Residential and commercial properties can benefit from these improvements, so after you’ve secured your apartment building loan or merchant cash advance from a hard money lender for finances, see below for five great renovations to tackle during the warm months.

Re-evaluate your outdoor space. Although it may not be time to break ground on that new swimming pool, it is the best time to figure out if it’s what you really want. The more time you spend outdoors this summer, the more you will start to realize what you do or do not love about your green space. Would a porch improve your outdoor experience? Or maybe a new patio surface or gazebo. Now is the time to see how these things will improve how you like to spend your time outdoors.

Throw some shade. Summer is the perfect time to redo your landscaping to improve your entire yard. Instead of focusing on what you need to get rid of or trim, think about what you can plant to create natural shade. The right trees or bushes can not only offer a welcome shade area to relax in on those really hot days but can also help to lower the cooling costs in your home by blocking direct sunlight into the hottest rooms of your house that take a lot to cool down. If your green thumb is browner, then look into some artificial shade sources such as sun shades or umbrella tables.

Insulation repair. If you are in desperate need of an insulation redo, the summer months is the time to do it. Not only will the temporary lack of insulation not freeze your house by dropping outside temperatures, but the convenience of summer will help you to remove yourself from the situation while the work is being done. Head to the park or the pool with the kids, and let the construction crew do their thing. This also applies to any major repairs that will force you out of the home such as leaks, major wall tear downs or plumbing repairs.

Painting major projects. Anything that can’t be taken indoors (like a house!) is best painted during the summer when the project is less likely to be stalled by weather-related issues. This is also a great time to do things like put a protective gloss on a deck or repave a driveway or walkway.

Roofing repairs. If you are looking to do some small roof repairs or replace the roof completely, the summer months are going to be what the experts suggest when calling around for a professional. This labor-intensive task can only be done when the weather is optimal, so be sure to call early in the summer so you can plan accordingly.

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