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Economic Recovery: Top U.S. Cities

Reports show that there are a number of U.S. cities that are poised for economic recovery. Popular big cities that are weathering the recession include:

  • New York, New York – This “wonderful town” is not only the largest U.S. city, but it is also the most densely populated. With 27,000 people per square mile, this city showed an increase in population of 0.8-percent between July 2011 and July 2012. This fluctuation includes a demand for more jobs, as the unemployment rate in this city has been steadily decreasing. With Europe on the brink of financial collapse, there are more Greek and Irish immigrants coming into the U.S.
  • Houston, Texas – This oil-rich city has an economy that relies on the local petrochemical industries, but also financial services, healthcare and construction. With low home prices and good paying jobs, this area is anticipating an increase in population by 1.6-percent.
  • Los Angeles, California – The population in this dynamic city grew 0.9-percent. This area is rich in Hollywood culture, international shipping, aerospace, technology and clothing manufacturing jobs.
  • San Antonio, Texas – With large military installment bases such as Fort Sam Houston and Lakeland Air Force Base, San Antonio is rich in development. Featuring a low cost of living, this city has increased by 1.8-percent.
  • Austin, Texas – This college-filled city is home to several Fortune 500 companies, including Dell and Whole Foods. The population here has increased an astounding 3-percent.
  • Phoenix, Arizona – Rising from the ashes, this city was dealt a blow when the housing bubble burst in 2006. Rebuilding their economy, this city has seen an increase in population by 1.6-percent.
  • Dallas, Texas – This city has a large telecom empire and is home to Sprint, AT&T and Nortel. Home to Texas Instruments, Exxon and Southwest Airlines, this sparsely settled area has increased by 1.9-percent.
  • Charlotte, North Carolina – With an economy that relies predominantly on Nascar and the big banking industry, this city has increased by 2.5-percent.
  • San Diego, California – This metropolis is home to the largest naval fleet, as well as defense contractors, truck traffic and cargo shipping. Multi-family homes are popping up in this area, helping their population increase by 1.4-percent.
  • Fort Worth, Texas – This city boasts plenty of room for expansion and is home to AMR and Radioshack. They saw an increase of 2.1-percent in their population.

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