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Cheap Home Staging Tricks to Help You Sell Fast

After you’ve cleaned everything in sight, put away old toys, books and papers, and finally listed your home on the market, you may be surprised that you aren’t getting that many offers. Several people may have come to view the home, but if no one is taking the bait, then you may be missing some crucial things that are desirable to buyers.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars hiring a professional stager to come in, or buying all new things to make your home more appealing, try these simple staging tricks to help you out of your old home fast, and into a new home better suited for you.

Upsell your neighborhood. If you live you a desirable school district, be sure to include a flyer with that information along with the flyer detailing your home. If you are conveniently close to groceries, parks or gyms, be sure to use that information as well. Really upselling the location, not just the home, is a great way to show that there is more to buying a home than the building itself.

Put away personal items. Any professional stager will tell you that keeping rooms as neutral as possible is the key to letting potential buyers picture themselves within your home. Your personal memory displays, sports memorabilia or wall color choices are things that anyone should be able to look past, but often can not. Pack away all of your memories first, so that they can be safe for the new home, and not fresh in the mind of potential buyers.

Clean out those closets and valuable storage spaces. Although you may normally be bursting at the seams when it comes to your storage, now is the time to make it appear as if you don’t use nearly as much as the storage space your fabulous home provides. Clean out closets to keep them only half full, and do the same for kitchen cabinets or pantries. Keep your areas organized and use them as efficiently as possible. Not only will you make your storage look amazing, but you may learn that you like the new space when purging for the new home.

Light it up. Even if it seems unnatural for the time, change all of the bulbs out within your home to make it as bright as possible. Bright light makes everything look better. Be sure to use the type of bulbs that will flatter any rooms, usually in a daylight color. This will also help when photographing the home for real estate sites.

Finally, if you can’t sell fast enough, consider using a hard money lender to get a bridge loan until you can sell. Often, homeowners have to relocate for work or other reasons, and simply have to start looking for a new home before they can sell their old property. A hard money lender can be a great choice for someone to put a down payment on a new home or pay for renovations, and then pay it back within a short period with the funds from the sale of your previous home.

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